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For both Alarm systems and CCTV we stock equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure customers receive the best quality and most reliable all round technology that meets the necessary requirements for the latest recognised British Standards.

For Intruder alarms: We recommend Visonic which can be combined with Texecom devices to allow the most durable and weather resistant protection to cover most domestic and light commercial applications.

But why Visonic: A well-established company that is now a leader in wireless intruder alarms. Visonic manufacture the only Power G system, which combines dedicated alarm frequency meshing / encryption and frequency hopping on every device we fit to prevent accidental or intentional radio jamming. It also combines probably the largest range of APPROVED security (Intruder & Fire detection) devices that can work on normal to large sites without the need for unnecessary radio repeater spending. It is a no-mess fit system which lasts for many years. It also combines the female voice response we have become so familiar with, and squawk tunes for rapid confirmations. This all combined makes our systems probably the most secure and user friendly mid-range equipment that is now available.

For CCTV Systems: Although Visonic have PIR cameras that can snapshot indoor events the need for high definition weather resistant day and night indoor & outdoor continuous colour HD video recording is becoming a growing need for businesses and home owners alike.

But why Hikvision: A preferred choice for many local authorities' supermarkets shops and home owners, Hikvison again combines solid reliable constructed equipment that incorporates the very latest technology for distant and instant viewing.

And all our systems can be set up for the manufactures FREE SUBSCRIPTION apps, releasing customers from the financial burden of month on month fees which other systems growingly seem to demand.


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